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International Sunday

Sunday 20th September is International Sunday, a day of celebrating that we are a family representing many nations. Most importantly,  of course,  we have one Father, who has adopted us all.
Last year was a colourful affair with many people in national costume: beautiful silk saris, the wonderfully vibrant colours of Africa dress, and a splash of tarten here and there. Do please come in your national dress if you can. A bit of a challenge for the English who have yet to adopt one!
The celebration starts at 10.30 am as usual. Don’t be late as you will miss out on some of the special elements of the morning if you are.  We will end at approximately 12.15 with themed cakes and coffee.


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International Sunday 2014

Each year we set one Sunday aside to celebrate the diversity of the church family that meets at New Life Church Milton Keynes. We started our celebration this year with a reading from Matthew in four different languages, and then a worship song led by some of our members with Indian heritage.

Bill Williams preached from Acts and called up everyone who was able to represent a country other than the UK. We were all amazed and thrilled to find that 30 different countries were represented, including Finland, Germany, Greece, Spain, the Philippines, India, Uganda, Jamaica and Trinidad. We will compile a full list from the recording this week.

It really fantastic that God has called us to be multi-cultural church. The celebration continued after the service with a bring and share meal with the theme of Seven Continents. I t was a bit of a challenge to find dishes from Antartica, but there was lots of delicious food from recipes all around the globe. I think more than a few people will be chasing down the recipe for Fried Plantain! It was great that so many people stayed to eat and chat and to be family together.

Here are a couple of photos from the day. We look forward to next year. How many countries will be represented by then?!



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