Vacancy: Part-time Office Manager/Assistant

We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic administrator to join our office team. The right person could either step straight into the role of Office Manager (training would be provided) or they could begin  as an Office Assistant with a view to growing into the Office Manager role.

For full details and how to apply follow the links:

2015 09 Ad for Office Manager

Office Manager Job Description


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Vacancy: Finance Assistant

Do you have good numerical skills? Interested in being part of a growing church staff team?

We need a part-time Finance Assistant to join our team on a part-time basis – six hours a week. The role reports to our Finance Administrator.  For full details and how to apply follow the links:

2015 09 Ad for Finance Assistant

Finance Assistant Job Description

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We’re recruiting: Ridgeway Centre Manager

We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic all-rounder to join our team as Ridgeway Centre Manager. This is an exciting key role that involves the management and marketing of the Ridgeway Centre conferencing business.

For more details including how to apply. download the 2015 09 Ad for RCM and the Ridgeway Manager Job Description.

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embrace 2015

We are really excited about our upcoming conference embrace 2015. We have two fabulous guest speakers lined up:

Alan Scott is the founding and lead pastor of the Causeway Coast Vineyard Church, Colraine, Northern Ireland. The church has planted several other churches and is the originator and catalyst for the healing on the streets movement. Over 2000 people last year became Christians through their ministry in the community. He is also a gifted communicator, and a prophetic voice who seeks to bring together biblical principles and supernatural power in a way that will reveal your destiny to you!

Andy Merrick leads Hope Church Glasgow, and is passionate about seeing God’s glory break out in the church and across our nation. To find out more about Andy, and to get some pre-conference blessing, check out his blog via

This conference will focus on both intimacy with the Father and impetus for mission. Come expecting to deepen your relationship with the Father, and to be inspired to share your story with those who do not yet know Jesus as Lord and friend.

Check out our video, which focuses on our home city: Milton Keynes. The message applies just as much to your town or city, so do come and join us at this inspiring event. Just £17.50 for four sessions starting Friday evening 6 March and then all day on Saturday 7th March. Go to for more details and to book.

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God at work in Malawi

Our senior leader, Richard Wightman, recently visited Malawi together with a small team from the church. They spent two weeks working with and supporting the charity Hope Missions. Here is Richard’s overview of the trip, which includes testimonies of healing and salvation. God is at work in the country.

I have just spent a fortnight in Malawi which was excellent in seeing what God has been doing and building relationships there. We stayed with Alex Millington’s friends Francis and Annie Mkandawire. He runs the evangelical association of Malawi, and she runs Hope Missions, the organisation with which we are working. I first met them last year when they were staying with Alex and Sara Millington in Milton Keynes, an English couple who used to live in Malawi.

We met the group village chief from Chapsinja, Chief Chapsinja, who was the catalyst for working into the village. Apparently about five years’ ago his son or grandson had attended a youth event, and had reported back to the chief, who had rung Annie Kandewire and said: “Do you want to leave us to die in our sins? Come here and share the word of God.” The Chief is really growing very well in his faith, and has a lovely gentle spirit and massive willingness to learn. I was told that he had decided to learn English to help his communication with the Hope Missions people, and was putting himself though primary school, and had reached year 5.

The four day workshop has been a good team effort together. The plan was good, starting from Identity in Christ, leading though leading ourselves, and into recruiting training and developing teams, to finish with culture, vision and strategy for the church. The three groups – leaders, school teachers, and overcomers (recovering alcoholics doing woodwork) also worked extremely well. The biggest impacts have been in the areas of team ministry, with all engaging in ministering not just the pastor, and the virtuous cycle of healings > testimonies > faith built > more healings.

I prayed for Chief Chapsinja’s brother in law who had great pain right down his leg, which has been like that for six months. He said the pain was 10 out of 10. After we prayed the first time it was down to a 2, then a 1 and then gone altogether. He moved from not being able to flex his ankle at all to walking freely. Praise God!

I preached Sunday morning (24th) at Kuyabwa, the other larger church alongside Chapsinja. I had planned to speak on Joseph and the development of character, but on Alex’s advice went back to “Identity in Christ”, the message I had used at the first session of the workshop. Chief Chapsinja, who oversees 31 villages, was present, as was his boss the TA, or Traditional Authority, and of whom there are about 100 for the whole of Malawi. The TA holds a very powerful position, oversees 1,000 to 2,000 villages, and is such an important position that when a TA dies and is replaced by his son the President of Malawi himself attends the inauguration. The TA is attending the church in Chapsinja on an increasingly regular basis, and was invited by the Chief to the church at Kuyabwa.

As well as the usual worship, reports from children’s groups and preaching we sought to do two additional things that are new for them. The first was the sharing of testimonies. Mr Moyo came forward to repeat his testimony about healing from asthma when I prayed for him. But he had now mentally processed it further and added that he used to spend money on the witch doctors and hospitals, but now God was healing him for free; secondly there was a lady with a testimony of deliverance from the demonic; finally Chief Chapsinja came out to speak. I thought he was going to give the testimony of his brother-in-law whose leg had been healed yesterday, but what he actually said was that last night he had a pain in his chest and his wife had a pain in her side, so they each prayed for the other, and the pains both went! I really warm to him, and commended him for putting into practice that the whole church can pray and has the authority from Jesus to command healing, not just the pastor or the pastor and leaders.

We then got them to pray for each other, and most of the church leaders came out to pray for others. There was a long and very encouraging line. I was told the level of engagement was way beyond what had ever gone before.

We also had a fun morning building long drop toilets, and they really were long drops – about four metres down to the bottom, and you have to climb out using handholds in the walls! It was different and fun.

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London to Paris – 300 miles, 4 days, 1 bike

Two intrepid members of New Life Church completed an incredible 300 mile bike rider from London to Paris  to raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. Well done Tessa and Jonathan!

Tessa is a particular inspiration as she battled cancer when she was younger, and the illness resulted in her left leg being amputated beneath the knee. So it means a great deal that so far they have raised nearly £2,500 in sponsorship, which will go towards research into leukaemia and lymphoma. She reported back that it was a long and tiring ride, but thrilling to finally see the Eiffel Tower! She was also excited about having the opportunity to share her Christian faith with a football celebrity over the celebration dinner.

What an amazing adventure!

tessa and jonathan tessa and jonathan2





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International Sunday 2014

Each year we set one Sunday aside to celebrate the diversity of the church family that meets at New Life Church Milton Keynes. We started our celebration this year with a reading from Matthew in four different languages, and then a worship song led by some of our members with Indian heritage.

Bill Williams preached from Acts and called up everyone who was able to represent a country other than the UK. We were all amazed and thrilled to find that 30 different countries were represented, including Finland, Germany, Greece, Spain, the Philippines, India, Uganda, Jamaica and Trinidad. We will compile a full list from the recording this week.

It really fantastic that God has called us to be multi-cultural church. The celebration continued after the service with a bring and share meal with the theme of Seven Continents. I t was a bit of a challenge to find dishes from Antartica, but there was lots of delicious food from recipes all around the globe. I think more than a few people will be chasing down the recipe for Fried Plantain! It was great that so many people stayed to eat and chat and to be family together.

Here are a couple of photos from the day. We look forward to next year. How many countries will be represented by then?!



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