Sharp or flat – getting life into harmony

Recently life has been extremely busy. It has felt like six months of running from meeting to meeting, preparing for one thing, delivering that, and then onto the next. And while it has been enormous fun, it has also been exhausting.

‘You sound sharp’, someone said recently when I answered the phone. I was surprised. I hadn’t intended to be sharp with them. Indeed, I’d only said hello, but clearly the weariness and, yes, the frustration at never having time to think was stealing through into my tone of voice. Where else was it showing up? Because it is true, when I get tired or stressed I tend to get sharp with people.

A good friend of mine is the opposite. He gets flat. He sounds tired and weary. The spark of joy and fun gets buried under a weight of things that need to be done. Ever had anyone tell you that you seem flat?

Sharp or flat – those are the warning signs that life isn’t in harmony – to stretch the musical analogy – that something in life is off key. I’ve being reading a great book recently by Bill Hybels called Simplify. It contains ten easy-to-read sections on different areas of life where things can get off-key: finances, relationships, time off, just to name a couple. I recommend it if you feel in need of some fresh harmony in your life.

The key thing (pun intended!) that helped me recently was really simply though – a long walk round a lake with God. I talked, or to be more honest, I whinged and whined and indulged in a bit of a pity party. And when I was done, he talked and reminded me of who I am and how much He loves me, and how that my relationship with Him is what He loves and looks for. And, guess what, it is that relationship which puts life in harmony.

So next time someone mentions you are being sharp or that you seem a bit flat – check yourself over. And get out for a long walk with the one loves us.






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