The hem of his garment

Remember the story in Mark 5 of the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was healed? Here is a recent story from our Sunday morning service that reminded us of this:

‘I have had female health issues relating to my monthly cycle for years (more than two decades). It isn’t how God made me to be, but because it has gone on for so long – I’ve just accepted it as the norm.’

‘On 1st May – Dave Eyeington’s preach convicted me of this lie. God spoke into the situation and told me to go the doctors and ask for a specific tablet. I did, and the doctor said, ‘Of course this is ideal for your situation’. Prescribed straight away.’ After just five days I feel so much better.

‘For the last year, I’ve also had regular nosebleeds – sometimes 2-3 times a day! My last big bleed was last Sunday (08.5.2015). A lady in church gave a prophetic word about women bleeding, so I went for prayer.   Not a single bleed this week and my sinus’ completely clear!’

God is good. More and more we are seeing people healed of physical and emotional pains. We celebrate every healing, whether through supernatural means or through the skills of the medical profession.


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