Sharp or flat – getting life into harmony

Recently life has been extremely busy. It has felt like six months of running from meeting to meeting, preparing for one thing, delivering that, and then onto the next. And while it has been enormous fun, it has also been exhausting.

‘You sound sharp’, someone said recently when I answered the phone. I was surprised. I hadn’t intended to be sharp with them. Indeed, I’d only said hello, but clearly the weariness and, yes, the frustration at never having time to think was stealing through into my tone of voice. Where else was it showing up? Because it is true, when I get tired or stressed I tend to get sharp with people.

A good friend of mine is the opposite. He gets flat. He sounds tired and weary. The spark of joy and fun gets buried under a weight of things that need to be done. Ever had anyone tell you that you seem flat?

Sharp or flat – those are the warning signs that life isn’t in harmony – to stretch the musical analogy – that something in life is off key. I’ve being reading a great book recently by Bill Hybels called Simplify. It contains ten easy-to-read sections on different areas of life where things can get off-key: finances, relationships, time off, just to name a couple. I recommend it if you feel in need of some fresh harmony in your life.

The key thing (pun intended!) that helped me recently was really simply though – a long walk round a lake with God. I talked, or to be more honest, I whinged and whined and indulged in a bit of a pity party. And when I was done, he talked and reminded me of who I am and how much He loves me, and how that my relationship with Him is what He loves and looks for. And, guess what, it is that relationship which puts life in harmony.

So next time someone mentions you are being sharp or that you seem a bit flat – check yourself over. And get out for a long walk with the one loves us.





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Catalyst Festival 2016

The sun is shining. There is live music in the festival square. The concrete walkway outside the hall is being decorated in ice cream coloured chalk as children and adults alike write welcome messages. People are chatting, and laughing and hugging as they meet and greet old friends and make new ones. It must be the Catalyst Festival.

Tonight David Devenish is speaking in the main adult meeting, which is sure to be an amazing beginning to the festival. Elsewhere there are events and activities for all ages. A young mother walked past with her ten year old son heading for The Barn – ‘the best place ever’ she said. No doubt he will agree when he sees the array of play activities inside.

So if you’re not here today, why not come tomorrow. And Monday. And even Tuesday. Day tickets are on sale on site. Get in the car, bring your family and friends. And join in the fun.

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The hem of his garment

Remember the story in Mark 5 of the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was healed? Here is a recent story from our Sunday morning service that reminded us of this:

‘I have had female health issues relating to my monthly cycle for years (more than two decades). It isn’t how God made me to be, but because it has gone on for so long – I’ve just accepted it as the norm.’

‘On 1st May – Dave Eyeington’s preach convicted me of this lie. God spoke into the situation and told me to go the doctors and ask for a specific tablet. I did, and the doctor said, ‘Of course this is ideal for your situation’. Prescribed straight away.’ After just five days I feel so much better.

‘For the last year, I’ve also had regular nosebleeds – sometimes 2-3 times a day! My last big bleed was last Sunday (08.5.2015). A lady in church gave a prophetic word about women bleeding, so I went for prayer.   Not a single bleed this week and my sinus’ completely clear!’

God is good. More and more we are seeing people healed of physical and emotional pains. We celebrate every healing, whether through supernatural means or through the skills of the medical profession.

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A prophetic vision for the UK

The UK is facing a lot of challenges at the moment, from issues with the European Union to a cash-strapped health service. It can seem like there is nothing but doom and gloom. However, we believe that God has an amazing plan for the UK. We are passionate about seeing our towns and cities, our schools and hospitals, our streets and neighbourhoods impacted by the glory of God. We believe there is hope for our nation and its people – a hope that we carry everywhere we go.

Want to be part of what God is doing in your town? Your city? Join us at embrace 2016, a life-changing two-day conference with guest speakers Paul Manwaring and Mark Stibbe.

Paul is on the senior leadership team of Bethel Church, Redding. Four of our staff team have just returned from there and they are full of excitement about what God is bringing to His people through Paul. It is dynamic. It is prophetic. It is inspiring. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear first-hand the messages that Paul is carrying. Come to embrace 2016.

Mark Stibbe is another gifted speaker, who has a message on restoration and reconcilication that is so relevant to today’s culture.

With worship led by an incredibly talented team of musicians, there will also be plenty of opportunity to step fully into the Father’s presence, praising His name, and enjoying all that He is.

Book your tickets now:

Just £19.50 – starts Friday 4th March, runs all day and evening Saturday 5th March

The Ridgeway Centre, Milton Keynes



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International Sunday

Sunday 20th September is International Sunday, a day of celebrating that we are a family representing many nations. Most importantly,  of course,  we have one Father, who has adopted us all.
Last year was a colourful affair with many people in national costume: beautiful silk saris, the wonderfully vibrant colours of Africa dress, and a splash of tarten here and there. Do please come in your national dress if you can. A bit of a challenge for the English who have yet to adopt one!
The celebration starts at 10.30 am as usual. Don’t be late as you will miss out on some of the special elements of the morning if you are.  We will end at approximately 12.15 with themed cakes and coffee.

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Vacancy: MKMA Centre Manager

Milton Keynes Money Advice is a service that, within an atmosphere of trust and relationship, offers free impartial and confidential advice to all members of the community on aspects of money management in order to give those who use this service confidence in knowing how to understand and manage their affairs regardless of their financial standing.

We are looking to recruit a Centre Manager to take on the day-to-day management of the service, and to grow and develop it into the future. For more details please download the advert and job description:

2015 09 Ad for MKMA Manager

Job Description MKMA Office Manager Sept 2015

Our current Centre Manager is retiring fairly soon, but will be available to provide a hand-over and training for the successful applicant.

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Vacancy: Part-time Office Manager/Assistant

We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic administrator to join our office team. The right person could either step straight into the role of Office Manager (training would be provided) or they could begin  as an Office Assistant with a view to growing into the Office Manager role.

For full details and how to apply follow the links:

2015 09 Ad for Office Manager

Office Manager Job Description

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